Found injured or orphaned Wildlife?

We refer all native Florida Wildlife to licensed rehabilitators

McCarthys Wildlife Sanctuary - West Palm Beach - 561-790-2116 Special interest in Birds of Prey

South Florida Wildlife Center - Ft Lauderdale 954-524-4302 -

Busch Wildlife sanctuary- Jupiter 561-575-3399

Rainforest Clinic for Birds & Exotics is a veterinary practice dedicated to caring for birds and exotic pets. Dr. Clubb's practice is limited to birds and exotic animals. She has almost 40 years experience in working in a wide range of settings with birds and exotic animals. She has worked extensively with pet owners, zoos, breeders, both in Florida as well as many countries around the world. Our staff is friendly and compassionate and they provide the best in nursing care for sick or injured birds and animals.

We treat and care for a wide variety of companion birds, exotic pets, small farm animals, and zoo animals such as Parrots, Primates, Reptiles, Ducks/Geese, Ostriches/Emus, Sheep, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Birds of prey, Big Cats, Kangaroos, Wallabies, Goats, and many others.


  • Digital radiography for rapid results in house
  • In house laboratory for rapid blood analysis and microbiology
  • Computerized paperless, medical records to quickly access all of your pet medical records
  • State of the art endoscopic exams
  • Reproductive exams-vital to breeder success