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We have put together several articles about conditions and concerns that we frequently see in our practice. Additionally, we invite you to browse our Bird Species Profiles to learn more specifics about choosing and caring for your companion bird. For more in-depth material written by Dr. Clubb, see the Avian Medical Library.


Avian Medical Library

Avian Medical Library

This collection of in-depth material written by Dr. Clubb offers research findings and avian medical insights from a career dedicated to avian medicine, aviculture, nutrition, and best care practices for both breeding and companion birds.

Bird Species Profiles

Bird Species Profiles

Ready to learn more about popular bird species? Find out where your bird comes from and what diet will suit your companion the best. Choosing a companion bird? This is a great place to start! Read more about each species, their personalities, how long they live, and how well each breed of bird fits into human families.

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Articles Specially for Pet Bird Owners


Inflammatory Skin Disease

Proventricular Dilatation Disease 2017

Mite Treatment for Birds with Sudden Onset of Plucking - 2014

A Tragic Side Effect of the Avian Flu Pandemic Paranoia