Birds Are Our Thing

birds are our thing2

Dr Clubb has 40 Years experience with birds in all types of settings.


Pet Birds

Pets - We love owners who are passionate about their feathered companions

New Bird Exams – make sure your new addition is healthy, especially if you have birds

Well Bird Exams – We recommend an annual examination where we do bloodwork, a gram stain and a bacterial culture (In house at an affordable price). Since birds hide their illnesses it is important to spot potential problems before your bird gets sick

Sick birds- Our rapid in-house diagnostics help us arrive at a diagnosis and treatment plan quickly when time is critical

In-House diagnostics include...

Digital radiography
Microscopic exams

Additonal details...

  • Hospitalization of sick or injured birds with specialized care by experienced staff 
  • Surgical care as needed
  • Boarding
  • We have extensive experience with feather damaging behavior
  • Phone or remote consultations