Susan Clubb, DVM

Susan Clubb, DVM

Staff -


B.S. Zoology, Auburn University, Auburn Alabama, 1975 - with honors

D.V.M. Auburn University, Auburn Alabama, 1978

Board Certification-1994- American Board of Veterinary Practitioners-Avian- Recertification -2002. Elected not to recertify in 2014.



Dr. Clubb has 2 sons, Jeremy & Austin and 2 grandchildren Paxton and Harper

Dr. Clubb has 40years experience working with all types of birds and exotic animals, however her specialty is psittacine birds (Parrots). This experience has been augmented by working, not only in the United States, but by working with breeders, zoos, conservation organizations, and other avian enthusiasts in many foreign countries including Spain, Qatar, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guyana, Costa Rica, Argentina, Bolivia, The Bahamas, St Vincent, Grenada, Barbados, Israel, and Indonesia.


OWNER AND OPERATOR - Sole Proprietor

RAINFOREST CLINIC FOR BIRDS & EXOTICS, INC -- Private veterinary practice specializing in Avian & Exotics animal medicine.

HURRICANE AVIARIES, INC- Breeding facility for exotic birds, specializing in Blue Headed macaws, Blue Headed Pionus, Mutation Quaker parakeets, African Parrots and also breeding a variety of other psittacines species.



STAFF VETERINARIAN - Jungle Island, Miami Florida - (Formerly known as Parrot Jungle, Parrot Jungle and Gardens and Parrot Jungle Island). Jungle Island is a privately owned zoological park exhibiting a large collection (approx. 1200 animals) of parrots, flamingoes, reptiles, kangaroos, petting zoo animals & primates in a jungle garden setting. October 1988 to present.

CONSULTING VETERINARIAN - KAYTEE PRODUCTS - (A feed and pet supplies manufacturer specializing in formulated food products, treats and hardgoods for companion and wild birds as well as small "pocket pets") - Assist in product development and testing. - 2002 to present. Advisor to the Kaytee Avian Foundation.

CONSULTING VETERINARIAN -Ecologico del Atlantico, Parque Nacional Portobello - Panama - Assisting in a project to rehabilitate and reintroduce psittacine birds, especially macaws in Panama. Also involved in captive breeding of a wide variety of psittacine birds, passerine birds, toucans and toucanettes, etc. July 1993 to present.



CONSULTING VETERINARIAN & SEMINAR INSTRUCTOR - Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, Washington DC. - Primary responsibilities were serving as instructor for educational seminars and development of future seminar programs. Assisted in development of Avian, Reptile and Small Animal Certification Programs and presented all three programs at pet industry trades shows and independent events. April 1992 to 2002.

CONSULTING VETERINARIAN - Loro Parque - Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain - Loro Parque is a privately owned zoological park, which specializes in Psittacine birds. Loro Parque has the largest number of psittacine species in any collection in the world. Served as consulting veterinarian from 1994 to 2004. Advisor to the Loro Parque Foundation 1996 to 2016.

CONSULTING VETERINARIAN - Milo's Ranch - Loxahatchee, Florida.

Milo's Ranch is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of exotic, domestic and native birds, as well as other species of native wildlife and to educate the public of the needs of untraditional companion animals. Since 2002 the primary emphasis of Milo's Ranch has been treatment and rehabilitation of parrots affected with Proventricular Dilation Disease (PDD) - 2002 to 2009.

CONSULTING VETERINARIAN - Pretty Bird International (A feed manufacturer specializing in formulated diets for exotic birds and reptiles) - Assist in product development and testing. - April 1993 to 2002.

RESEARCH DIRECTOR & STAFF VETERINARIAN - Avicultural Breeding & Research Center - Primary responsibility was to oversee health care for a large psittacine breeding collection. Also involved in research activities conducted at the facility. October 1989 to April 1992.

STAFF VETERINARIAN - Pet Farm Inc. Pet Farm was a large animal importation company.(Closed in 1992). Primary responsibility was for the health care and management of birds, reptiles, and mammals in the Pet Farm holding and quarantine facilities. Approximately 100,000 birds passed through the facility annually. She was also responsible for veterinary oversight of a large breeding facility and several pets shops which were associated with Pet Farm. June 1978 to October 1989.

CONSULTING VETERINARIAN - Ardastra Zoo and Gardens, Nassau Bahamas - 1990 to 2007.